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Under this research theme, we are engaged in developing ultra and nanoporous membranes for water purification, separation of biomolecules, immobilization of nanoparticles and biomolecules for catalysis and biocatalysis, as well as for energy applications.

For this purpose, we are utilizing the traditional membrane preparation methodology in combination with nanotechnology surface modifications to fabricate highly hydrophilic and permeable membranes. We are using block copolymer self-assembly, one-pot synthesis and phase inversion, nanoparticles and 2D materials cross-linking, etc. for membranes preparation. 


Our research interests in this area are:


Membranes for clean water

Membranes for separation applications


Anti(-bio)fouling surfaces & membranes

Nanostructured membranes

Membranes & separator for energy and electrochemical applications

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